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Typically, people consider themselves either more logical OR more creative. Me? I land squarely in the middle.

And I combine these two dynamics as I personally film and edit your day.
I’m meticulous, methodical, and organized. So, I take notice of the minutiae that others often overlook.

Yet I’m creative, passionate, and sentimental. Which allows me to observe and anticipate beautiful moments and capture them as they unfold.

The result?

Stunning footage and crystal-clear audio. And a well-thought-out story you’ll be proud to watch and share.

Immerse yourselves in your wedding day.
I’ll handle the rest.



As cliché as it might sound, I see your wedding film as an heirloom. And I treat it as such.

So, instead of a sequential playback or a boring reel of your wedding day events, I spend weeks sifting through hours of footage, selecting the moments and people that matter most and impact your story. I think about what this film will mean to you now— and in the future. Then, I thoughtfully piece it all together with carefully chosen music and audio you’ll connect with. You’ll receive a work of art that compresses the most meaningful aspects of your day. And a forever reminder of the love, joy, and beauty present.

“Knowing that we only have one opportunity to capture our wedding day we were looking for someone who we trusted to not miss those genuine moments.

Andrew’s videos seemed genuine, seamless, and not overly sentimental. In addition, he did a good job of capturing the excitement and fun of the wedding and its guests in his videos.”




For the last four years, I’ve combined my talent and passion into something that matters.

Not only because weddings are undeniably beautiful experiences. But because I know the importance of documenting special moments with the ones you love. As well as the regret of not having enough of them.

When I was nine years old, my dad passed away unexpectedly​​​​​​​. Some of my most cherished possessions are the old photos and home videos I use to remember him.

His passing taught me to treasure time with the ones I love and, in a big way, propelled me into my career.

Now, I help others hold onto the joyful memories shared with loved ones. And for that opportunity, I am forever humbled and blessed.

Andrew loves videography and has built his business around a passion!

“Within five minutes of talking on the phone with Andrew
we knew he was going to be the right fit. ”



You will feel valued, cherished, and taken care of from our first call to the day you receive your beautifully-crafted film.

See, I don’t just show up on the wedding day, camera in hand, ready to film. Instead, I answer your questions, ease your concerns, and work hard to collaborate and communicate with you, your planner, and other vendors. You can expect clear and efficient communication, type-A organization, and helpful support as you plan and prepare for your day.

Then when your wedding day arrives, I’ll continue to do my part to provide an enjoyable and smooth experience for you and your guests.

Because you deserve to be completely immersed in your wedding day— experiencing every moment and emotion it offers​​​​​​​.
While I seamlessly capture them.


“It was a great relationship from the beginning. Andrew was communicative, personal and professional. I had full confidence in his work. At the end of it all, he felt like family.”


just a few more things you should know

My faith and family mean everything to me

I chose to capture weddings because I enjoy capturing people who love passionately, value family, and don’t settle for less than God’s very best for them and this beautiful gift of marriage!

New Orleans is a special place

To me, New Orleans is unlike anywhere else in the world! And it’s considered one of the top destination cities for couples to get married. Once you’ve been down here, it’s not hard to see why!

Growing up, my parents were missionaries

So, we moved, traveled, and adventured a lot. From a very young age, my curiosity and creativity came alive from all that I got to experience!

I originally went to school to pursue engineering

I’m very logical and really good at math. But, I quickly realized I’d get bored doing math for a living. I decided to pursue something I love instead. And I’m certain I made the right move!