Five Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

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February 25, 2020
Planning a wedding is incredibly difficult not to mention stressful. Not only are there a million things to do but with the abundance of information available it is easy to get overwhelmed. Even if hiring a full-service wedding planner is out of your budget, we recommend at least hiring a professional month-of planner or day-of coordinator. But for couples looking to have the very best wedding experience for both themselves and their guest, hiring a quality wedding planner is critical. Here are just a few of the top reasons why we believe you should consider hiring a wedding planner.


Save Time, Save Money
There’s an old saying that a good wedding planner is worth their weight in gold. We couldn’t agree more! Most wedding planners are very well connected with lots of vendors from around the area and can save you money by getting exclusive discounts or helping you find the right vendors that can offer exactly what you are wanting at a price that fits within your budget. They will also save you countless hours in planning by walking you through the whole process step by step, handling the sticky legal contracts, and coordinating with all of your vendors to make the whole event run smoothly and on schedule.


Trust The Experts
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life and you really only get one shot at it. Imagine if you could have someone who has been there and done it a time or two to walk you through the process, answer all of your questions, help connect you with the best vendors, and take care of all the sticky details. Now consider the fact that a quality wedding planner will have valuable experience doing this for hundreds of weddings. Their expertise will ensure the best possible experience for both you and your guest, and they will significantly reduce the workload for you and your parents so you can enjoy your engagement season without all of the stress that comes from trying to plan your own wedding.


Get The Best Vendors
Stressed about what vendors to hire? There seems to be a nearly unlimited number in each category and finding the right one can take hours upon hours of research. Failure to do proper research can lead to making a bad decision by hiring someone that is overpriced or not a good fit. When you hire a wedding planner you can trust that they will have a detailed list of vendors that they have worked with previously that do a great job and will fit within your budget. You can also feel secure in knowing that whoever your planner recommends to you has been fully vetted by them and will give you a top notch experience as planners only recommend people that they have worked with before and fully trust to give you a fantastic experience from beginning to end!


The Right Planner Will Fight To Bring Your Vision To Life
Finding the right wedding planner for you is important. A couple things you want to consider when choosing is finding someone that you really get along with since you will be spending lots of time with them to make your dream day a reality. The right planner will work extra hard to make your vision come to life but also offer some ideas that you may have not thought of and offer practical advice on things you should invest the most in and less important things that you can save money on.


Stay Stress Free, Enjoy Your Engagement
We believe that your engagement season is a very special time in your lives. It’s time that you should make the most of and enjoy because once it’s over there is no going back. If your able to, hiring a full service wedding planner can make life 1000x easier and relieve much of the stress that comes with planning a wedding so you can spend your time where it matters the most; building and enjoying the beautiful relationship you have with your future spouse!